Fei Yin

Ph.D. Professor

Pattern Analysis and Learning Group

National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition (NLRR)

Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences

Phone:   +86-10-8254-4785

Fax:      +86-10-8254-4594

Email:  fyin@nlpr.ia.ac.cn

Links:  http://people.ucas.ac.cn/~fyin


Fei Yin received the Ph.D. degree in pattern recognition and intelligent systems from the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2010. He got his BS and MS from Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications in 1999 and Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2002 respectively. His current research interests include character recognition and document processing, etc. The current projects include “Theory and Key Techniques for Perturbation based Character Recognition” and “Video/Image text detection and recognition”. He has published more than thirty papers on the international journals and conferences.

Contact Information

Haidian | Beijing | China

Phone : (+86-10)8254-4797

Fax : (+86-10) 8254-4594