About IVA

Welcome to Image & Video Analysis Group subordinated to NLPR (National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition), Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Our group has 6 research faculties and more than 20 students at present. The researches in the group aim to effectively analyze and understand multimedia data, especially image and video data, to solve the problems in our real-life. The main interests of the group are given as follows:

  • Data representation and pattern recognition.
  • Multimedia semantic analysis and retrieval.
  • Personalized customization and recommendation.
  • Intelligent video surveillance.

The group consistently pursues high quality theoretical research and related practical applications. It has published more than 200 journal and conference papers, and is currently undertaking significant research projects funded by the Chinese government (i.e., the National 973 and 863 Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China) and industrial companies (i.e., Nokia Corporation, Intel Corporation and Huawei Technology Corporation).

Official Website Address: www.nlpr.ia.ac.cn/iva