Line Matching Leveraged By Point Correspondences

Bin Fan, Fuchao Wu and Zhanyi Hu

National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition (NLPR), Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

A novel method for line matching is proposed. The basic idea is to use tentative point correspondences, which can be easily obtained by keypoint matching methods, to significantly improve line matching performance, even when the point correspondences are severely contaminated by outliers. When matching a pair of image lines, a group of corresponding points that may be coplanar with these lines in 3D space is firstly obtained from all corresponding image points in the local neighborhoods of these lines. Then given such a group of corresponding points, the similarity between this pair of lines is calculated based on an affine invariant from one line and two points. The similarity is defined on the basis of median statistic in order to handle the problem of inevitable incorrect correspondences in the group of point correspondences. Furthermore, the relationship of rotation between the reference and query images is estimated from all corresponding points to filter out those pairs of lines which are obviously impossible to be matches, hence speeding up the matching process as well as further improving its robustness. Extensive experiments on real images demonstrate the good performance of the proposed method as well as its superiority to the state-of-the-art methods. [Experimental Dataset][code]
The dll of Win7 64bits version can be downloaded at here.

Experimental Results