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Biometric and Security Group

Biometric and Security Group is one of the four research groups in the National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, and is also one of the nine innovation research teams of CASIA. It is also called The Center for Biometrics and Security Research (CBSSR). CBSR aims to conduct research on cutting-edge biometrics and intelligent surveillance technologies and applications, and to develop biometric standards, databases and protocols for biometric product testing. CBSR currently maintains about 70 researchers, engineers and master and PhD students, collaboration evangelists, and administrators, and is one of the world largest teams for biometrics.
CBSR research directions are summarized in the following. (1) Applied Basic Research in Image Pattern Recognition: fundamental issues in statistical learning, biometric recognition and intelligent video analysis. (2) Biometric Recognition: individual identification by analyzing their physiological and behavioral characteristics, including face, iris, fingerprint, palmprint, etc. (3) Intelligent video processing and understanding: automatic video analysis and understanding to reduce human intervention in surveillance. (4) Network Content Understanding and Information Security: to understand the contents in semantic level, and analyze the behaviors and information preferences of network users, so as to improve the efficiency and service quality of Internet.

Face, Iris and Fingerprint Based Biometric MRTD System


Vsiual Surveillance Platform For CASIA building


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